Mitsubishi Engine Mounts

Mitsubishi Engine Mounts

Mitsubishi Engine Mounts:

The Speed-Source Polyurethane Engine Mount Kit is engineered to replace the stock rubber front and rear mounts with solid polyurethane. A steel insert keeps the poly mounts centered and locates the thru-bolt. With this kit installed, the car will be more responsive to throttle input, launch more effectively, and the LSD will engage more reliably.
As of now we only carry engine mounts for the EVO 8 and 9.
Our engine mount kit only replaces the front engine mount. Through tireless testing and R&D with the EVO we found only the front bushings increased feel and performance. The only bushings only added vibration and discomfort.

Package Includes:

- (2) Polyurethane Bushings
- (1) Steel Insert
- (1) Instructions Set

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